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Farmhouse Truck Interchangeable Starter Kit - 12" Truck (Red/Black/White/Blue/Purple)

Introducing our Farmhouse Truck Interchangeable Starter Kit - a delightful addition to your home decor! This 12" truck comes in a multiple color choices. red, black, white, blue, and purple.

With our starter kit, you can easily switch out the panels to match your style or the season. Add on different set pieces for holidays and events, transforming your farmhouse truck into a charming centerpiece for every occasion. Get creative and showcase your unique personality with this versatile and customizable decor piece.

Sets are sold separately & fit: (NOT Included)

  • Farmhouse Breadboard
  • Porch Gnome

For Add-Ons: Magnets hold all your Add-on's so you can switch 'em out in a flash - just like magic!

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Customer Reviews

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Alice Woodrum
Red truck

Love it!! I can’t wait to order for all seasons everyday!! This could b left out year round! I going to order the white one!! Love my goodies!!